We can deliver an actionable recommendation with full of local insight and trusted methodology and quality.

Why Us

We, DEKA InfoSearch are uniquely able to be your single-source insight provider across a wide range of services. We work with different global and regional organizations across many industries to execute all types of studies from brand perception assessments to ads effectiveness. We deliver the benefits of expertise to you through our services and people together with actionable recommendations and insight to help you make better decisions and achieve better and profitable growth.

Well Research Design

Sufficient and structured design to get insight and to provide complete and reliable answers

With more than 40 years experiences in research industry, we can help you to structure and design the research design and methodology that is sufficient to get insight about market and consumers and then to provide complete and reliable answers.

Strict Quality Control

A strict quality control protocol and procedure to ensure the accuracy about facts and data
We understand that Quality is the most important and essential for getting accurate and reliable data and information. We follow the ISO 20252 for market, opinion and social research, to assure about our quality control practice.

Consulting Experience

Consulting and cooperating with clients to understand what their real needs and to apply the findings
With our consulting experience across different industries, we help our clients to understand what their challenges and problems are situated in their organization and business. Then, we also help our clients to define market research needs and to share how to apply the research findings for their profitable growth.


Easy to Understand

With clear graphics and insightful analyses of findings, help to understand more and in easy way

Time is money in the business world. Therefore, we prepare and present the reports with clear graphic and insightful analyses of findings aiming to help our clients to be able to understand the research reports within a sufficient amount of time.

Actionable Recommendation

Providing with recommendation and insight that can be able to take actions in proper way

Recommendation and insight are the most valuable outcomes from the research study. If the recommendations provided by the research firm are not able to implement, it means that it is not worth it. Therefore, we always provide our clients with actionable recommendation for their profitable growth.

Strict Timeline

Setting a realistic timeline by discussing with clients and ensure to follow the predetermined timeline .

In the competitive marketplace, if the timeline is looming, milestones are missed and then this is not a good practice to methodology that is sufficient to get insight about market and consumers and then to provide complete and reliable answers.